Run, battle and burn your way through time-treasured fairy tales in Once Upon a Runner. You must guide Ella past obstacles and defeat villainous bosses so she may find her way back home. Available now on the iTunes.

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Community Building with Your Local Library

Libary Indiecade talk

As a small, indie developer, we’ve definitely looked into different ways we can build up our community. Our main focus has been on building up our social media presence on Twitter and Facebook with a little Google+ experimentation in the mix. So far our reach hasn’t been huge, but we’re slowly building up our fan […]

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Welcome to Luminosity Mobile

Hello and welcome to Luminosity Mobile. We are a dedicated team of mobile developers working on games and productivity apps for Android, iOS and Smartwatches. We’ll be updating this blog with information on our development process, some game development tips we’ve learned over the years and, of course, updates on our project. If you would […]

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