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Experience time treasured fairy tales through the eyes of a young fire mage named Ella. Run through six unique levels and battle Big Bad Bosses in order to lead Ella back to her home world.

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    Beautiful Hand Drawn Comics

    Ella, a young fire mage, wakes up and finds herself in a completely different world where characters from fairy tales have suddenly sprung to life.

    Follow Ella's story with over 60 panels of gorgeous illustrations integrated seamlessly throughout the entirety of Once Upon a Runner's gameplay.

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    Thrilling Boss Fights

    Ella not only must navigate her way through each of the six dangerous fairy tale worlds, she must also engage notorious enemies like the Big Bad Wolf and the Candy Witch.

    No two boss fights are exactly the same so Ella will need to outsmart and outmaneuver her enemies in order to make it back home alive.

    For an exceptional visual experience, all of the bosses are hand-drawn and animated.

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    Captivating Soundtrack

    Immerse yourself in the rich, original soundtrack of Once Upon a Runner. Each music composition is specifically tailored to fit the theme of each of the six levels and boss fights. Our hand-created sound effects round out the audio experience. Turn up the volume on your mobile device to fully appreciate the depth of Once Upon a Runner.

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    Endless Replayability

    After you have completed the story mode on Normal you will unlock both Hard Mode as well as Endless Mode.

    Hard Mode is for players that enjoy a challenge and want to earn the Hard Core achievement. Players can expect faster paced gameplay, additional boss attacks and even more obstacles to avoid.

    For players that want to continue their journey through Once Upon a Runner, Endless Mode provides infinite replay value. Backgrounds and obstacles will change seamlessly the longer players are alive. Of course the further players run, the harder it will be to make it through unscathed.