HiLo Card Game

HiLo is a short form of"higher-lower" - the card game where both you and your enemy will need to guess will the next card variant the deck be lower or higher in it's value compared to the previous one. If you guessed right and yoru opponent did not then you've won the around and your prize will be one of the enemy's clothes part... but did we mentioned that your rival is very nice, sweet and hot looking chick? That is right - that is going to be a striptease card game! So try to keep your head in the game if you want to disrobe down this hottie fully because evry time you will lose the round. There won't be too many of levels tho' it is compensated with few different ladies which you can choose as your opponent if you done unclothing one gal Play now »

Inspector J Episode 3

The investigation continues, and it appears that Inspector J is poised to find a breakthroughs in this bizarre case of missing foreign students. Jeanne is the missing girl. You've located her family members and she is able to provide you with some important details. However, due to her employment, she may not wish to talk to policemen or anyone else. It is up to you to determine the best way to deal with this new informant... who is a stunning (although a bit chubby) blonde stripper. This information is only a fraction of what you can get from her but how exactly you will act is entirely up to you to decide. So take a good thnking before saying or taking action. Best of luck! Play now »

Office Secretary

This story happened in the Japanese subway. So, early morning, and a tasty and young girl named Linda who works in a milk business, goes to work. She is never late. Work takes her all of the time. She does not have time to be friends with a man, but depraved thoughts always appear in her head. She fantasies that strong masculine forearms caressed her body in a subway camper. So in this interactive flash game you have to use your mouse to interact with game sport . Click Linda's watermelons and you will see how they are squeezed and twisted. Then yank on her pink cherry with your lengthy tongue and knead her appetizing clitoris with your fingers. Following that, Linda will provide you a blow-job. And after that fuck Linda in the subway camper in her pink slit, with which moisture is cascading. After a couple of minutes, a orgasm is reached by Linda. Play now »