Online Sexy Blackjack

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Just as the title says this game is a blackjack with unclothing damsels and multiplayer mode. Game begins with you creating your character - the one that'll be disrobed in case if you'll be loosing too often. The game is played with trio standard 52 cards decks. Though you can be a player or the dealer. Each trun the role will change. Your main goal is to try to receive a sum of cards of twenty-one points. If the sum is lower - it depends on how close to twenty-one your rival will be. If your sum is over twenty-one - then you loose the round instantaneously! Each round someone will loose one element of clothes - it may be either your character or your rival's character. Of course the player whose nymph has gotten totally nude after few rounds will loose the game in total and the winner will be rewarded with quite a wonderful view!