Crash Landing Part 1

The explorer of the remote planets dropped if the shuttle entered the atmosphere. His ship crashed to the alien jungle. A few hours later, there came a nearby native into the shuttle. She's a youthful woman with unusual big eyes and an odd haircut. She is helping the dude get out of the wreckage. And she says she's ready to do more than just medical attention. The alien gets undressed and also the dude finds her large, tasty tits. So let's get embarked... First, the dame provides the dude an alien blowjob. She grinds his fat dick with her humid and puffy lips. The dude fucks the woman in her taut cunt, which gives off a nice scent of alien pheromones. And then there's ass fucking fuck-a-thon. The dude's well-being is improved. He's ready to begin looking to resolve the shuttle.

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