Inspector J Episode 3

The investigation of Inspector J proceeds in eisode 3: The mystery gets deeper... You will be enjoying as police inspector and you're working together with your counterpart Mia about the case of a student from Canade known as Jeanne. However, new details appear to demonstrate he is not guilty. And another doll simply went lost. To find out more you may want to discover and play prior gig of the game series. In this episode you'll need to meet few different nymphs - all of them are good looking and most likely all them will be unclothing for you if you are going to find all the ideal answers and make all th eright choices throughout the game. Or you can see nothing at all - that stated that every sensual game will end up with nude tits? As a bonus - there will be a moment if you will try yourself as erotic photographer (and that remains significant for you research)!

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