Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Training With Korra

Korra is now such powerfull avatar thanks to constant and pretty tough trainings. And she wa sin the midst of such training today as well when Asami has begun to pay a visit to her... to see and to inform her about her fresh invention actually. What kind of innovation? Well, it is known as"a waterbending man rod" so that you probably already got what kind of plaything this thing is. As for Korra she has found the idea very interesting and even decide to pause her taining to give it a test drive. And if something informs us she did not captured the principal thought at first she will get it in the procedure... and she will be cancelling her trainings more than once after to be able to assist Asami together along with her arousing researchings later on. Overall nice and fun anime porn parody which you can still find interesting even if you have.

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